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"As for me, I am tormented by an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts." -Herman Melville, 1844

Friday, October 10, 2014

Life in the BIG CITY

Suva, that is.  We arrived here in Fiji's capital about a week ago.  Wow, talk about culture shock after the past 3 months in the outer islands and villages!!!  Suva is big and gritty, a terrific mix of native Fijian islanders, Indo Fijians and Chinese cultures all mixed together.  And like the rest of Fiji, home to some of the friendliest people on the planet!

We've been thoroughly enjoying the sights, people and FOOD of the city!!!  (Suva has terrific, cheap Indian and Chinese restaurants, from hole in the walls (our favorites) to pretty posh eateries).

Even saw a first run movie ("The Judge".....a bit long, a bit clicheed, but not bad, with some great acting) in a brand new AIR CONDITIONED theater.....reclining seats far better than 1st class airlines, and they serve food and alcohol at your seat!!!  Yeah baby.....

 One day, while poking around the craft markets for a few souvenirs, we found a booth owned by Max, a great young Suvan guy.  He had the best crafts we've found in Fiji, and it turned out that he gets some of the carvings  "raw" from carvers in Fulaga, and has them finished here in Suva.  He also knew several friends of ours on other yachts, and invited us to visit him and his family in their village nearby for some kava and dinner.

Last night we took a cab to Suvavou Village and had a wonderful visit with Max, wife Marry, and his immediate and extended family.

They have a bunch of young kids (including 3 of the quadruplets born 6 months ago) and family from the village.  Really nice how these extended families hang together to help each other out.  We enjoyed kava on the front porch before a fine dinner.

Vinaka vakalevu, Max and Marry, for a great evening.

Today was a big national holiday;  Fijian Independence Day, also known as Fiji Day.  We, of course, never being ones who can resist a good parade with proper pomp and circumstance, headed down to Albert Park to check out the action.  Plenty of military marching, guns and cannons firing, speeches, flag waving, how can ya go wrong???!  Even a ferris wheel and cotton candy!!!  Good stuff, and a real sense of national pride shown by the people.

"This thing come with a manual?????"

And finally, here's one of our favorite streets in Suva....guess they were going to replace the sign, but it was.......

Here's a proud business that just shouldn't be anywhere else but Goodenough Street!!!

It looks like the weather is finally clearing after about 2 weeks of rainy, squally conditions, so we plan to head south tomorrow to the Kadavu area.  Home of the Astrolabe Reef, the island group is known for its terrific diving.  We hope to stay for about a week, before heading back up here to Suva to wait for our weather window for the passage back to New Zealand for the summer.  Stay tuned!

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