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Welcome to our blog, describing our voyage aboard the two BRAVO's; the first boat a Kelly Peterson 46 with homeport in Seattle, Washington. The second is a new Boreal 52, launched in Treguier, France in February 2020.

We headed south from Seattle in 2010, and have been voyaging in one form or another since. Cheers, Adam and Cindi

"As for me, I am tormented by an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts." -Herman Melville, 1844

Friday, August 7, 2015

Mid winter update

Wow, it's been over two months since the last blog post.....time really does go by (though maybe not exactly "flying"!!!).

So, what's the news, on the different fronts here in Whangarei?

1.  Cindi's recovery is going extremely well!!!  Physical therapy has been very good, and the 2x daily PT exercises are quite intense and seem to be having good effect.  Her back is much better.  The arm break healed with a bit of misalignment, unfortunately.  While not disabling, it can be a bit painful if she moves it the wrong way.  Hopefully continued therapy will help it improve.

 2.  We've moved back aboard!!!  2 weeks ago we left our Marina Motel dirt dwelling, and moved back aboard Bravo.  The ladder was a bit intimidating for Cindi at first, as you might imagine, but the stomach butterflies have pretty much gone.  While we're not great fans of boatyard living, it really feels great to be back home.

3.  Project status:

Cindi's the undisputed varnish queen here in the boatyard, as we've commandeered more space for indoor project refinish work.  Companionway ladders, instrument coaming boards, bits and bobs of trim, all are getting her attention.  Sweet as!!

Electrical:  The new panel is nearly complete, just awaiting the arrival of new meters, a new product design supposed to be released for shipping any day.  But it looks and works great, a huge upgrade from the 30 year old jury rigged equipment.

Instruments:  All installed, and talking to one another like old friends!!!

Fractured glass ground away, center mold in place waiting for glass
Keel repair:  Glass repair complete, fairing done!!!  Just need to wait about 1 more week until it cures so that we can put on the 10 coats of epoxy barrier coat and 2 coats of anti fouling paint, and we can cross that one off the list!!

10-15 layers of glass per side

Glassed and faired, strong as new!!!

Sweet As !!!

Mast:  Mast is fully rewired, and crane stepped it back in place without a hitch!!!  New furler for inner staysail will make foredeck work in a blow that much easier!!!

Wires, then mast are S-L-O-W-L-Y lowered into the deck

 Other projects we've taken on include a new nav station (over time as instruments and radios get replaced, the old panel was looking pretty cut up), addition of VERY strong stainless steel anchor points at the transom to handle the loads of our new emergency drogue anchor, a new lithium house battery bank, new bilge pumps, and new sails.  Bravo is making the most of our time (and pocketbook!!) spent in New Zealand.....

Other than boat work, we've been going to the nearby gym every day to try to stay a bit active through the winter.  We have gotten out for some local hiking, and this weekend we'll head up to the Bay of Islands to celebrate our 25th anniversary at the 3 day Jazz and Blues Festival.....8 venues, heaps of tasty sounding acts.....should be a great time!!!

Adam's been racing on Sundays with a fun local boat.....nice to remember how to sail again!!!  Good crew, good fun!

The 2nd batch of IPA brew proved as tasty as the first, so it will be nearly time to brew up the 3rd barrel!!!  

Our house has not yet sold, unfortunately.  Many have seemed in love with the place, except for the roof.  An old shake roof, we knew it was likely in need of replacement.  It just seemed to throw up a big red flag at all potential buyers.  So we've decided to replace it, and put that uncertainty to bed.  The work will be done next week, and fingers are crossed it will do the trick!

Back in Whangarei, with any luck we'll splash in a month or so, living on the water once again!!!  As you can probably tell, New Zealand immigration approved our request for a 1 year visa extension due to Cindi's injuries, so we've become "instant kiwi's" for a year.  We really love NZ, and there are LOTS worse places to hang out!!!  All is well with the Bravo crew.

View from the deck of our boatyard bach (vacation home).