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Welcome to our blog, describing our voyage aboard Bravo, a Kelly Peterson 46 sailboat with homeport in Seattle, Washington. We headed south in 2010, destined for Mexico and beyond. Cheers, Adam and Cindi

"As for me, I am tormented by an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts." -Herman Melville, 1844

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in Mazatlan, after brief stateside visit

Well, we've returned back to Bravo after a 6 day whirlwind visit to Seattle.  Wow, the pace was hectic after getting used to life down here in Mexico for the past 4-1/2 months!!!  From the moment we stepped off the plane at LAX and dealt with customs, to our arrival back in Mazatlan, it was really a full tilt boogie all around!   We got to see many friends while back up north, but missed seeing a good many more.  Sorry about that...we'll do better on our visit this summer, where we hope to spend two or three weeks.

Speaking of LAX customs, we had a weird episode at the immigration window.  Adam's passport photo has his face hiding behind his full beard.  To those who haven't seen him in a while, he's now trimmed for speed!!!  Clean shaven for the first time in many a year!  (Dive mask fits much better, and it's a lot cooler as well)  Well, immigration officers don't take kindly to this sort of blatant attempt to change one's identity.  He wanted Cindi to advise him of any "distinguishing marks or characteristics" which would identify the reprobate, as well as prove that we are married (he also wasn't happy about married couples having different last names!!!).  Thinking officer was kidding around (he wasn't), and that he was probably in a joking mood (he wasn't), Adam couldn't help but let out some snide comment, purely in jest (have you noticed, immigration officers don't joke around...Adam made note to self..."immigration officers don't joke around!!!).  After a flurry of quick apologies all around, and trying hard to repress our giggles, we were allowed to proceed to the rest of the re-entry process.  No harm done!

Driving in Seattle sleet
The week in Seattle flew by, and we picked up a lot of items which are difficult to find in Mexico that we've come to want aboard Bravo.  Some mission critical (new raw water pump for genset), some nice to haves (new manifolds to replace the leaking ones on the watermaker), and some, well, how do you categorize a flat screen tv to better watch movies???

Getting it all down here was no picnic.  Even with our T.I.P. (Temporary Import Permit for yachts in transit) the customs officers were out to get SOMETHING!!!  They gave us a "good deal" of about $70 US (could have been as much as $300.  Said we could go the following day to the customs office downtown (about $80 round trip from the marina) to avoid paying anything while saying, knowingly, "most people just pay the duty"!!!  Felt like a shakedown, but "whatchagonnado"???

So we're back aboard at last.  Busy with a myriad of repairs and projects.  Friends David and Diana are coming down today for a couple of days in Mazatlan before we head out by bus and train to the Copper Canyon for some exploration and hiking.  Then it will be time to cross the Sea of Cortez along with the hordes heading north for the spring (25 boats left here yesterday!!!)

Had a great time at the Sunday market in the Juarez neighborhood of Mazatlan.  12 blocks of street stalls selling everything imaginable (and some not so...)  Here are a few pix...
This guy was selling some interesting things...lots of grim reaper statues, burning incense, pyramids, horseshoes.....I wanted to take a few more photos, but he didn't seem into it, and after all, sailors are a suspicious lot.....just sayin'

Pirated movie dvd's are everywhere.  Quality varies, sometimes you see a person's silhouette walk across the bottom of the screen!!!

12 blocks of stalls...something for everyone!


  1. So Post a photo of the new clean shaven Adam....mug shot will do! Seems like you are happy to be back on adventure :)

  2. I want to see a barefaced Adam

  3. Ditto, let's see a pic of Adam! Hi guys, glad you got through customs okay. Yup, they ain't the joking types. Enjoy Copper Canyon. Carol C and I went there back in 2003 and it was marvelous!! Hope to see you guys when you come back up here in the summer. Best, jkg